Gadangme club of Worcester, the precursor of the Gadangme club of New England was formed in the fall of 1988 by members of the Gadangme community residing in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, and its adjoining counties with the inspiration of the Late Reverend James Clottey and his wife Vida.

The basic of the diverse group of people was to form unity among themselves to help each other in times of joy and to promote a better understanding among the entire people of our communities.
Within weeks of the announcement of the first gathering,  various members of the group offered their homes for the weekly meetings.

A constitutional committee was set up to draft guidelines for membership and the registration of the club. In December1988 the city of Worcester and the Secretary of State were notified of the existence of the club. The registration with the State came a year later after a formal adoption of the constitution and the election of the first officers has taken place.

With the tenements in place, the club focused on the objectives of  sharing the concepts self supporting, education and promoting community interest in the areas of economic and social well being among its members.
The club from early days organized the Annual Ga Homowo Festival, where members of the general community are invited to the celebrations, during which distinguished citizens who have contributed to the society are honored with gifts and certificates. Other education and social activities including annual kid’s graduation ceremony, birthdays and happy hour fun galore after meetings, Due to migration of most of the members to other States the club became less patronage   and  dormant for years.

The club was registered in February 2009 with the Massachusetts State Department.

The club is concerned about the lack of Action for promoting and ensuring self-determination of all GaDangme people. GaDangme club of New England hopes to play a role in preserving the Traditions, Culture, Language, and assist in promoting educational opportunities for GaDangme here in the United States and abroad.

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